31 May 2007

Great Packaging: Eco Store

I love Eco Store's natural products for both their ingredients, and their stylish packaging. Usually I hide away my dishwashing liquid when people come over, but with this packaging - it's right out on display. And on top of all that, a portion of the company's profits are channelled into environmental projects and community initiatives.

The company is based in New Zealand and you can find a list of stockists in Australia and NZ and the rest of the world on the Eco Store Website.

Image: Eco Store

Burt's Bees Questions Natural

It's great to see natural beauty products company Burt's Bees taking a stand on the definition of natural. It's in their best interests, as their standards are likely higher than most of those who claim to be 'natural' and fulfill official US standards. The company has created a mini-site asking us to question what is natural and encouraging consumers to read the labels of products they buy carefully and self-educate. Some of the nasties to look out for in so-called 'natural' products include:
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Chemical Sunscreens
  • Petro Chemicals
  • Formaldehyde Donors

More info on their site The Greater Good.

Image: oneighturbo on Flickr

29 May 2007

15 Days in June

Last night I went to the book launch of 15 Days in June written by sports journalist and author Jesse Fink who I work with at FOXSPORTS.com.au. Jesse has put together an amazing account of how the FIFA 2006 World Cup changed the way that football/soccer is perceived in Australia, and includes anecdotes from his personal experiences in Germany as well as the history of Australian football.

You can buy the book at Shearers on Norton at the moment, and more widely in June.

Image: Hardie Grant

18 May 2007

Cool Websites: Virb

I like to try out all the social networking sites, just to keep my finger on the pulse. But one site (that my friend Lachlan told me about) recently caught my eye, as it's just so gorgeous to look at and use. Virb is a myspace/facebook-style site that just screams style. You can customise pages to suit your own style, and interestingly, you can uncustomise someone's page to get back to the Virb standard (and easy on the eye) style. Social networking for the design crew. I like that you can import your RSS feeds and Flickr photos very easily. It would be great to have an interface to your email to check if you have any friends in the system, but I'm sure that will come with time. My profile is pretty basic right now, but I'm looking forward to playing around with Virb a little more.

Image: Virb

8 May 2007

Cool Websites: Destination Style

My friend Roddy's girlfriend Lara just launched a great new site Destination Style - an Australian online fashion boutique with very cute "now" clothes that are difficult to source in Australia, along with fashion advice, how to wear the pieces, what to accessorise with, and some fun international city guides. The kaftans are gorgeous.

Image: Destination Style
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