27 April 2007

Cool Websites: Sprig

Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive has just launched a delicious site that I am loving - Sprig. The site provides information on eco-friendly products for the home, food, fashion, beauty, technology and family. Some of the editorial staff come from the former Organic Style magazine and it looks gorgeous.

Image: Going Green Matters

20 April 2007

Cool Websites: Sydney's Best Kept Secrets

I've been working on a new site with some friends here in Sydney to put together a list of our favourite businesses for all the services you need. No-one wants to try out 10 different hairdressers before finding one works - these "Girls you can Trust" provide recommendations across a range of categories including doctors, beauticians, dentists, massage therapists, personal trainers, shoe repairers, house cleaners and more. You can also read comments on each business by other readers, all in the spirit of finding the best Sydney has to offer. These are Sydney's Best Kept Secrets!

Image: Steph Bond

12 April 2007

Cool Websites: Get The Glass

Truly one of the coolest ads ever, Get The Glass is an online flash game, branded by the California Milk Processor Board (Got Milk?) that will have you spending a long time fixated to the screen. The quality of the animations and the environment feel very Myst-like, and the board-game style with mini-games interspersed is both accessible and challenging. A new bar has been set.

Image: Adverblog

2 April 2007

Hip Products: Stella McCartney for Target

I finally succumbed to checking out the pieces of the Stella McCartney for Target range recently (the remaining ones at least!). There was a rack of returns/dressing room discards/pieces retrieved from hiding spots throughout the store that beckoned. Surprisingly, most of the pieces suited a growing belly very well, and I ended up with a midnight blue jersey dress, that if I wrap correctly, will serve me throughout pregnancy. Not quite like the model on the site! But it makes a change from normal maternity wear.

Image: AFP/Getty Images via daylife.com
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