16 October 2007

Cool Websites: Tiny*Prints

I've really enjoyed ordering birth announcements through Tiny*Prints - a US-based company with stylish, modern stationary designs (the best designs I have found online!) at reasonable prices. They are a great option if you are lucky enough to have someone in the US that can ship them to you, as their international shipping prices are outrageous. However, their online interface for creating the stationary is easy to use and provides an instant preview of the final product. You can upload photos, edit them using their simple tools, and save different versions. I only wish you could view each of your saved versions side-by-side with pricing to pick the best one. Envelopes are included in the price, and stationary types include dog and pet announcements (!!!!), birth announcements, holiday cards, thank you cards, invitations and gift tags. The finish on the cards is matte. Highly recommended.

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