4 June 2007

Sacha Drake 6-way Dress

By far the best maternity clothing I have found so far has to be the pieces from Sacha Drake. Sacha is based in Brisbane and along with her full fashion range, has created what has to be the most versatile maternity dress on the market. It's officially the 6-way dress, but I can think of at least 9 ways to wear it differently. The dress comes in black and chocolate as well as seasonal prints, and would be perfect for both work and a special event. I'm sure it will work post-pregnancy too.

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  1. Hi Steph, thanks for the great comments on the 6 Way Dress! Much appreciated....
    We could add that in the same range there is also the 6 Way Top and 2 Way Pants. All these fabulous garments are available only through Fertile Mind and its stockists listed on www.fertilemind.com.au


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