15 December 2006

Beginner's Guide to Cricket

Has cricket terminology got you bamboozled? We just put together a great cricket scoring guide at work that outlines 11 ways you can get out, what those crazy umpire signals mean, and a thorough guide to terminolgy. You'll be spouting Silly Mid Ons, 3rd Mans and Square Legs all over the place. Here is your Dummmies Guide to Cricket.

Image: FOXSPORTS.com.au

11 December 2006

Charity Window Dressing

As I pass by my local Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul charity stores, I often wonder whether they could be significantly more successful with well dressed windows and retail displays. On the odd occasion that I see something cool put together in the window, I am drawn to go in. Then I think - wow, window dressing a retail store would be a great opportunity for someone wanting to get into fashion.

And so an idea is borne: fashion design students assigned to a charity store to window dress for a semester as part of their assessment. Or how about freelance stylists donating time to charities to dress windows; could be good for their portfolios (especially if the charity can show an increase in retail sales over the time period). I'm sure that local TAFE institutes could create a great volunteering partnership with these charities and then everyone wins.

Image: St Vincent de Paul

7 December 2006

Trends: Iceberg Makes A Comeback

After what seems like an eon in exile, it is great to see good old iceberg lettuce making a comeback. I've seen iceberg shredded, and more commonly, sliced into perfect wedges as a feature in salads. Some combinations I have seen include iceberg wedge and prawns; iceberg wedge, mint, tomato, boconccini with honey mustard dressing; iceberg wedge drizzled with melted blue cheese. Refreshing, inexpensive, and a break from ubiquitous mesclun.

Image: disneymike on Flickr
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