26 July 2006

Jetstar's blanket marketing

Jetstar announced today new flights to Asia from $170. I received an email from Jetstar, walked past a bus stop ad, saw a TV commercial, and heard about it on the late news. That's direct mail, outdoors advertising, TV advertising and PR. Oh, and I forwarded it to a friend - viral marketing. Pretty impressive coverage from their marketing team.

Image: Jetstar

22 July 2006

Hip Products: Balance Water

I recently received a bottle of Balance Water at an InStyle event, and am intrigued by the concept. It is spring water from the mountains north of Sydney; non-flavoured, but infused with Australian wildflower essences with various effects on your inner health. I tried the water for women formula, and didn't detect any taste, and am not sure that the essences changed my mood or state of calm, but I don't think it hurt me either, so I will probably try it again.

You can buy Balance Water at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets as well as some specialty stores. The RRP is $2.95, which is on the high side, but if it works, I'm all for it.

Image: Balance Water

11 July 2006

Home Decorating Magazine Article Wishlist

I devour home decorating magazines, but every issue I think about the 2 articles that I wish had been written for me:

1. Nighttime decorating. Most of us work during daylight hours, so get to enjoy our homes in the dark. And most home decorating photos are taken in daylight with lots of light, so everything looks gorgeous. I'd love to see story spreads shot exclusively at night, with info on how to make your home attractive after dark.

2. Decorating for renters. Many of us are also renters and are unable to do any renovating or simpler measures such as bolting shelves onto walls. It would be great to see articles on how to makeover a rented house or apartment with restrictions such as: not being able to paint, restricting the number of items that can be hung, floorboards that can't be altered.

Image: chatirygirl at Flickr

9 July 2006

Sally Smith

Sally Smith has an office on the same floor as my friend Kel and I got to see some of her fabulous pieces first hand at Kel's party on Friday night. I like the unfussy lines and structured look. And I'm coveting this Asian-style print frock (the Lotus dress).

Image: Sally Smith

Equal Does A DailyCandy

The Merisant Company (marketers of the sweetener "Equal" in Australia) has put together a very clever outdoor advertising campaign that is currently featuring on bus stops and phone booths in Sydney. The tagline is unmemorable (Bring Cafe Culture Home or similar), but the image is arresting. Particularly for those thousands of tastemaking Australian women who read the trend email newsletter DailyCandy.

The image is immediately recognisable as the same illustration style used in DailyCandy (see image), and is actually from the site, minus the guy and umbrella and plus a box of Equal sweetener. This brings instant brand recognition and affiliation with a favourite trend news source. And for those who aren't aware of DailyCandy, it is incredibly smart to use the artistic talents of the illustrator that brings so much life and cache to the DailyCandy emails.

Someone at Merisant's agency (DDB) should get a pay rise.

Image: Daily Candy
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