9 July 2006

Equal Does A DailyCandy

The Merisant Company (marketers of the sweetener "Equal" in Australia) has put together a very clever outdoor advertising campaign that is currently featuring on bus stops and phone booths in Sydney. The tagline is unmemorable (Bring Cafe Culture Home or similar), but the image is arresting. Particularly for those thousands of tastemaking Australian women who read the trend email newsletter DailyCandy.

The image is immediately recognisable as the same illustration style used in DailyCandy (see image), and is actually from the site, minus the guy and umbrella and plus a box of Equal sweetener. This brings instant brand recognition and affiliation with a favourite trend news source. And for those who aren't aware of DailyCandy, it is incredibly smart to use the artistic talents of the illustrator that brings so much life and cache to the DailyCandy emails.

Someone at Merisant's agency (DDB) should get a pay rise.

Image: Daily Candy

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