30 December 2005

Loving Levi's

I have been really impressed with Levi's Jeans. After a long hiatus, I finally got another pair (2 actually) of Levi's and they are definitely the most comfortable, most well cut, and fashionable jeans I own. I am particularly impressed with their 503 skinny jeans which are amazing for people with not-so-long legs, and you really can't beat the price. One third to one quarter of most designer jean brands. Viva le Levi's!

Image: Levi's

19 December 2005

Hip Products: Guitar Hero

Without a doubt the very best game/toy for the 2005 holiday season is Guitar Hero. This PlayStation 2 game is bundled with an electric "guitar" input that allows you to karaoke on to your heart's content. You can play the guitar (no musical knowledge required) in quick play mode, or work through songs progressively to unlock new songs, skins, and guitars. We are spellbound. This game rocks. Buy on Amazon.com now!

Image: Amazon.com

12 December 2005

Hip Products: Rubyzaar Hip Bags

Rubyzaar, based in Brooklyn, imports fair trade goods from almost exclusively female artisans and crafts peopel in South-East Asia. Guaranteed no sweatshops. I love the very hip, hip bags. Finally, a cool way to go hands/shoulder-free shopping. You can purchase their products at the Union Square Christmas Markets at online at the Rubyzaar Shop.

Image: Rubyzaar

11 December 2005

Drool-worthy Design: Hable Construction

High on my gift list this year is anything from hable construction. This textile and home accessories company sells the most gorgeous pillows and has a store in the neighbourhood (Nolita). They work with a woman's cooperative in Hungary using a traditional technique to produce half of the pillow and accessories collections. The cotton and linen prints are lovely, but the killer items are in felt. This Christmas they also feature felt Christmas stockings and holiday gift boxes.

Image: hable construction

8 December 2005

Great Packaging: Dunkin Donuts Coffee Holiday Cups

Dunkin Donuts has really stepped it up this holiday with it's seasonal coffee packaging. In stark contrast to the muted tones of a Starbucks coffee, Dunkin Donuts has released a winter white cup with bright pink, purple, orange and green circles containing white icons. The cups are a knock-out!

Image: Dunkin' Donuts

5 December 2005

King of Shaves

By far the favourite toiletry product in our house is King of Shaves shaving gel and oil. We discovered this miraculous product in a boutique hotel in Melbourne, and were delighted to find the brand at pharmacies in New York. The general consensus amongst King of Shaves users is the extraordinary close shave and softness that lasts all day and night. We also love that the gel is enhanced with Aloe, Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil.

Image: King of Shaves

1 December 2005

Men's Shopping Mecca Downtown New York

In the last year, a true mecca has developed for men's clothes shopping in downtown New York City - Lafayette St between Prince and Bond Sts. On this stretch at the crossroads of Soho, Noho, the East Village and Greenwich Village you will find:
* G Star
* Triple Five Soul
* Brooklyn Industries
* Stackhouse
* Recon
* Supreme
* X-Large
* soon to be We Are The Superlative Conspiracy
And INA Men, Atrium, and Seize Sur Vingt are only a block away on each side.

Image: WESC
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