21 November 2005

Drool-worthy Design: Leonhard Pfeifer

My fabulous NZ-born, Australian-raised, UK-based furniture designer friend Leonhard Pfeifer got some great press in the New York Times this past week. The low table can be folded flat and hung on the wall as art and features stainless steel pieces inlaid in timber. Leon has a killer sushi tray that he exhibited at the ICFF in New York this year. Leon's pieces are available in the US through 2Jane.com.

Image: Leonhard Pfeifer

19 November 2005

Lil Frankie's

Of the many New York pizza places, my favourite by far is Lil Frankie's on 1st Avenue (between 1st and 2nd Sts) in the East Village. This is the younger sibling of Frank and Supper, both right around the corner. I am most partial to the funghi, and love the thin crust and extraordinarily tasty toppings. Simple, fresh and very consistent. The pizza also holds up well after delivery. My favourite take-away treat.

Image: Slice on Flickr

17 November 2005

Kwik Meal

I am a serious devotee of Kwik Meal, a streetcart on 45th St and 6th Avenue in New York. The call for "who wants StreetMeat" precedes a rush from our Times Square office block down to M.D. Rahman's famous cart. Fellow blogger Baiscope even made a documentary about it. The Bangladeshi-born owner was once a chef at the Russian Tea Room and we get to enjoy the fruits of his labour for $6.50 or less. My favourites are the chicken or lamb over rice. A hint of spice, and extremely tasty.

Image: Slice on Flickr

5 November 2005

Hip Product: Sofia Mini

This time last year I tried out the Sofia Coppola sparkling wine in a can and it's still my favourite take-out alcoholic beverage. The Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs comes from the Coppola winery in California and is merchandised in a cute 4-pack. Each can even comes with its own straw for sophisticated quaffing. And who can deny the packaging and fabulous advertising.

Image: Sofia Mini

4 November 2005

Hip Products: Lumines

I haven't touched my PSP in months, so I decided to rest Nintendogs for a while, and have picked up Ubisoft's Lumines - a highly addictive Tetris-style puzzle game for the PSP. It's fantastic! I haven't been this addicted to a game since Zoo Keeper for the DS. Lumines will keep me tied over until I get Zoo Tycoon and Animal Crossing for the DS.

Image: Ubisoft
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