30 September 2005

Hip Products: Sudoku

I am hooked on Sudoku. Unlike a crossword, which I can usually only complete 1/4 of, this is a puzzle based on logic and is immensely satisfying. The aim is to complete every box with a number so that every line horizontally and vertically and every quadrant features the numbers 1-9 once only. And it has a great name!

Image: StarbuckGuy on Flickr

12 September 2005

Hip Products: Nintendogs

Nintendogs is my current game-of-choice on the Nintendo DS. I have 2 miniature schnauzers that I care for and both are good at the disc catching competition. I am amazed that a game with so little gameplay structure can keep you busy and interested for such a long time. And with 250,000 copies sold in the first week in the U.S., it looks like there are a lot of other happy dog owners out there too.

Image: Nintendo

4 September 2005

Fashion Trend Summer 2005 NYC

Outside of the mass market boho skirt and wedge heels, the most popular look I have seen in NYC Summer 2005 (downtown) is short shorts (baggy combat style) with cowboy boots, or slouchy flat boots. It's a look that requires dedication in the heat, that is for sure. Usually worn with a loose jersey top and of course chunky wooden beads, or layers of gold necklaces. What's supposed to be fashion forward is more of a uniform in Noho/Soho/Nolita/East Village.

For more trends, check out the Fashion category.

Image: New York Times
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