30 August 2005

Hip Products: Australian Organics Shampoo

I recently ordered Australian Organics shampoo and conditioner as the premise seemed good (organic ingredients), the price was right ($4.99) and it seemed to be made in Australia, and I like supporting Aussie products. After a few weeks using them, I am blown away by how great these products are. The packaging is stylish, my hair feels great and smells delicious. I've since found this product on the WWF Earthly Goods Online store with this description: "A Gold Star product! This hydra stabilising shampoo is for Normal hair. It is pure and natural being made from certified organic plant extracts. Free from animal ingredients, animal testing and no Sodium Lauyrl Sulphates. Wonderful perfume created by essential oils." Highly recommended!

Image: WWF Earthly Goods

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