23 December 2003

Fun NYC Trends Dec 03

Pomegranates are huge. Pomegranate martinis
Persimmons are getting big
Australian food is getting noticed
Blue Hypnotiq drinks

“The Look”
- Trucker hat (still!)
- Long straight hair
- J.Lo-style bomber jacket with satin sheen and compulsory fur-lined hood. Jacket must finish at the waist, and extra points for baring some midriff.
- Tight jeans – stonewashed denim tucked into..
- Ugg boots (still). Calf height uggs without folding over the top in tan colour.

Charm bracelets
Mod is trying to come in; Miss Sixty makes a very cool shopping bag with big circles – one cut out to slip over the wrist. H&M has lots of 50’s-style rockabilly clothes – pink and black, cherries, bowling shirts. Also trying to push electric blue and green 80’s colours
Long dangly plastic earrings in geometric shapes.
Pink and black underwear.
Striped shirts; black and red, white, pink.
Round toe high-heel shoes with ankle straps.
Leg warmers.
Brightly coloured shoes that don’t match anything else
Fur fur fur. It’s everywhere and people don’t care anymore.
Hip hats – newspaper boy hats, fedoras, funky knitted beanies, pom poms, beanies with ear flaps
White pumps and boots
Sneakers designed to look like boxing shoes

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is still huge. They were on Oprah, had a Christmas special, and made MTV and VH1 awards.
Mid-century influenced furniture is still huge and doesn’t look like going away
New Zealand. Everyone is talking about New Zealand
Scarlet Johannson – no-one can get enough of her. The anti-bimbo ingĂ©nue.
Judaism; it’s cool. Kabbalah was cool, but if Paris Hilton is doing it, it's not cool anymore.
Yoga yoga yoga; if you’re not doing it, there’s something wrong with you.