5 February 2016

How to quickly change out artwork with Flat Pack Frame

If you're anything like me, you've got a stash of wall art that you'd like to swap out more often, but the hassle of taking down the frame, dealing with those hard little metal pieces at the back, and getting the positioning right makes it too much of a headache. I recently came across these Australian-made all-timber frames that connect with magnets, making it super fast and easy to change out artwork. Introducing Flat Pack Frame...

4 February 2016

Quinn's 1st Party Animal Birthday Party

Gosh. This is one of the best parties I have seen for a little boy in a long time. Little Quinn's Mum Kara put together a beautiful event that's colourful without being fussy. Party Animals is a great theme for a one-year-old and opens up a whole range of colour options. I love that Kara has taken the confetti theme throughout from cake, to garlands, invitation and table decorations; and that touch of metallic adds some pizzazz. The food looks amazing too. Read on for Kara's tips to pull together a Party Animal birthday party...

2 February 2016

Things to do in Canberra with kids in 48 hours

What better way to spend the Australia Day weekend than in our nation's capital? Our girls have become really great at road trips (thanks to our Roald Dahl cd book collection), so we decided on a quick last-minute trip to Canberra last weekend. Read on for all the activities that we managed to cram into 48 hours, and some of things we have popped on our to-do list for next time:

28 January 2016

Let the kids get themselves ready for school - free printable daily to-do list

Today is the first day back at school for my girls and I was so surprised that their brand new lunchboxes initiated enough excitement them to make their own lunches (hallelujah!).

Last term, I also started a checklist that they ticked off each morning (in rainbow-coloured pens of course), to help them become more responsible for being ready on time (and to stop me from repeating myself a thousand times). It worked a treat!

I've just put together this year's checklist with every step to get ready (including some pocket money duties), and included an area for extra things to take for school by day (such as news, homework, sports clothes), and after school (activities, afternoon tea, change of clothes etc). You can download it and customise it for yourself, for free, right here! (.xls file)

26 January 2016

Why we should love Australiana again

Why should we love Australiana again? Because it's uniquely us. Because we absolutely should be proud of our iconic flora, fauna and scenery. Because we're supporting Australian design talent. And because it's now cool! There are so many clever Australian designers making beautiful products that don't scream souvenir anymore; and that we should be as proud to show off in our homes as vegemite in our cupboards. Here are some of my current favourite homewares that embrace Australia as an icon:

23 January 2016

Bondville does Canberra

We're in Canberra this weekend! It's our first time here as a family (and my first since I was about 19) and we're having a ball seeing all the national buildings. 

So far we have had an amazing lunch at wholefood cafe Local Press, an afternoon  at the National Gallery of Art and sculpture garden, and Mr Papa Peruvian food truck for dinner. We're planning on the Arboretum and Questacon. See all our pics over on Instagram - @sbond.

19 January 2016

How To Make A Puppy Cake

If you'd like squeals of delight from your little animal-lover on on their birthday, make a puppy cake, just like the two cute puppies that I made for my daughter's 6th birthday! These cakes are inspired by the dog cakes from Breadtop bakeries, but I decided to make them myself using my own flavours (and much more within my budget!). Read on for all the tips and tricks...

16 January 2016

Bondville 6 year old Puppy Party

We usually only have a day to pull together our youngest's birthday party each year as it's just after the festive season, but that is a great excuse to keep things sweet and simple which to me is perfect. Miss Six loves all things puppy, cuddly, and animal-related, so we found this super-cute invitation by Meg Bartholomy, and emailed it out over the holidays. I used the chocolate, pink and orange colours from the invites as the basis for the party decorations and food. I had also spotted fun puppy cakes in BreadTop, but on my small budget I decided I could make them myself, and with the flavours I wanted. Read on for all my tips for creating a sweet puppy/animal party on a budget!

Party: Our six year old's birthday party
Organised by: Me! (Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville)
Location: at home in Sydney
Theme: Loosely puppy/animal themed - based on this invitation

15 January 2016

Label all the things with Hippo Blue for back-to-school

I know I say it every year, but THIS year I will be organised well before school starts. And that means actually labeling every stationery and clothing item. There are usually good intentions, but I always leave it too late. This year Bondville sponsor Hippo Blue comes to the rescue with neat label packs with truly great designs that you can completely customise with charcters, colours, fonts and name.

8 January 2016

Your Australian Favourite Kids' Rooms 2015 and other top stories

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you've had a restful time with family and friends. Why not ease gently into the new year with some bloggy news - here are some of the most popular kids' rooms, interiors inspiration, party ideas, kids' products and fashion posted on Bondville in 2015.

The Best Kids' Rooms

It was another huge year for kids' rooms - you couldn't get enough of them! Here are your four favourite real kids' room tours from this year:

1. Shared girls' room with loft bed
2. My 5-year-old's bedroom!
3. Harper's terrace bedroom (5 years old).
4. Isaac's bedroom (9 years old).

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